Introduction FBC


On 21st February, we would like to introduce the Frankfurt Banking Cloud and to show you how we can implement an overall banking solution for your bank more quickly and at less cost.

The Frankfurt Banking Cloud is the solution to cover all banking operations, i.e. the process and IT solution for front, middle and back offices in a medium-sized retail or corporate bank.

Your solution will be compiled from ready-built modules in accordance with your banking requirements. Implementation and going live take place in only a few months. A bank does not need any IT know-how. You can take care of your customers and we’ll do the rest!

The implementation period is reduced considerably thanks to pre-configured deals and the agile project approach adopted by the Frankfurt Banking Cloud Team. All the modules have been in operation for many years in more than 60 banking groups at international level. The FBC team is the only contact for customers during project implementation and on-going operation.

On 21st February, we would like to give you a live demonstration in our office in Frankfurt of how the solution operates. Particular focus will be placed on how the Frankfurt Banking Cloud can be installed more quickly and run at considerably less cost than conventional solutions.


9.00 a.m. Introducing the Frankfurt Banking Cloud (FBC) Jens Mackscheidt
9.30 a.m. Why is the FBC faster and more effective than conventional overall banking systems? Jens Mackscheidt
10.00 a.m. How we manage to implement the FBC quicker and at less cost than conventional overall banking systems Stefan Immich
11.00 a.m. The processes mapped in the FBC Dr. Karl Kirchgesser
11.30 a.m. Front office and loan applications Jens Mackscheidt
12.00 noon Lunch and discussion with the speakers regarding your special issues  
1.00 p.m. Accounting in real time: IFRS9, HGB and if necessary other ledgers Dr. Karl Kirchgesser
1.30 p.m. Payments including instant payments Sadri Syla
2.00 p.m. Regulatory Reporting Tobias Jung


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Jens Mackscheidt
Managing Director Germany & Switzerland

Stefan Immich, Head of Customer Care

Stefan Immich
Head of Customer Care

Dr. Karl Kirchgesser, Executive Vice President

Dr. Karl Kirchgesser
Executive Vice President

Sadri Syla, Paymentgroup GmbH

Sadri Syla
Paymentgroup GmbH

Tobias Jung, BSM

Tobias Jung
BSM BankingSysteme und Managementberatung GmbH