Finance, Risk & Compliance event attracts strong interest in Africa


In Q4/2013 FERNBACH launched a new release of its FlexFinance solution. During a one-day presentation held on 18 March 2014 in Lagos FERNBACH’s International Head of Sales, Michael Meyer, and the Product Manager explained and demonstrated the benefits of this release to African banks.

The new release provides a higher degree of standardisation, thus improving version management and release management, which contributes to the quality and stability of the releases for each individual customer.

FERNBACH calls this the “FRC out of the box” approach, where FRC stands for Finance, Risk and Compliance. Out of the box implies that FlexFinance comes as a standard installation, preconfigured for a typical bank (“model bank”), which covers all the requirements of most banks. Of course, customisation remains possible.

Attendees from roughly ten African banks took the opportunity to obtain more information about FERNBACH’s product suite and became involved in lively discussions. In order to deepen product knowledge, all attendees were given a state-of-the-art FERNBACH bag filled with marketing materials on the subject of FRC as well as detailed product-specific brochures.

FERNBACH was delighted with the banks’ support and that this event was such a great success.

FERNBACH launched a new release of its FlexFinance solution
Product Manager Dieter Van der Stock