FERNBACH reacts to increasing interest in IFRS in the Middle East


FERNBACH participated in the 10th Financial Technology Summit and Meetings in Dubai three weeks ago and noticed a huge interest in the IFRS topic. This event is very popular in the Middle East and aims at IT decision makers in the banking and financial sectors. Decision makers of the top 100 Arab banks as well as financial institutions from Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and Egypt actively participated in the conference. It was highly interesting for FERNBACH’s delegates to learn about different cultural interests and priorities from finance and risk experts. On the second day, the product manager from FERNBACH delivered a 30-minute speech. He described three different case studies and elaborated on possible answers to the following questions: 1.How many databases does a bank need? 2.Is the core banking system the all-round solution for all challenges? 3.Scandals in the finance industry have become daily routine. Where can IT support? This short presentation generated the interest of many participants, who approached FERNBACH’s booth afterwards.

Financial Technology Summit
Dieter Van der Stock at Financial Technology Summit
FERNBACH at Financial Technology Summit