New EBA requirements since 02.01.2015


The European Banking Authority (EBA) is enhancing reporting requirements in 2015. The changes will focus on reports on the funding plans of financial institutions. The EBA forms can be used to capture quantitative funding positions to be reported in tables. The figures have to be reported as target values for a period of six months, a year, two years and three years. They should 1.enhance the monitoring of funding and liquidity risks in the funding risk management strategy of banks on the basis of the balance sheet structure, financial institutions to monitor the plans to reduce the dependence on funding sources from the public sector as well as 3.monitor the effects of the banks’ funding plans on the credit flows to the real economy. FERNBACH covers the requirements published by the EBA. For example, the following key figures have been added in the balance sheet section: •Three year planning of balance sheet development •Three year planning of Net Stable Funding Ratio (NSFR) •Annual target figures for Liquidity Coverage Ratio (LCR) The figures for the three year planning of funding requirements were inserted into “Funding Reliances”. FlexFinance also covers the new forms with the Template Code “P” on the basis of EBA’s data point model. Together with the validation rules, banks are enabled to check the functional interrelations between reported positions within or between reporting forms. The reports are submitted using XBRL.