FERNBACH Luxembourg has relocated to new business premises in Grevenmacher


On Monday, 15 February 2016, FERNBACH Luxembourg moved its headquarters from Munsbach to Grevenmacher. The new offices are situated only a few minutes away from the previous location which means that FERNBACH will remain in the direct vicinity of the Luxembourg banking district and still benefit from excellent transport links to the nearby airport. Agile methods of cooperation are the way to deal with constant changes and further developments. The open-plan design of the new offices will enhance collaboration and flexibility in the working environment. According to CEO Günther Fernbach, the range of functions and the architecture of the new headquarters are representative of FERNBACH's corporate values: transparent, dynamic and innovative. However, successful and well-tested business concepts will still be implemented at the new location: FERNBACH will continue to focus on products and services for finance, risk and compliance in line with market requirements and with which customers can gain maximum profits from their investments. Only the company address will change while telephone and fax numbers will remain the same. The business address is: FERNBACH Financial Software S.A. 1a, op der Ahlkerrech 6776 Grevenmacher Luxembourg Tel: +352 402244 1 Fax: +352 402244 310