Great interest in new technologies at "The Comprehensive Risk Solution Forum" in Dubai


FERNBACH together with Finesse hosted “The Comprehensive Risk Solution Forum” in Dubai on 14 May. This involved the new technologies artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning in the credit business.

Whereas previous loan monitoring systems were usually based on portfolio criteria whose accuracy and completeness could not be guaranteed, intelligent systems for the early identification of non-performing loans and insolvent debtors offer decisive advantages. The numerous participants of the event were convinced of this from both the manufacturer's and the customer's point of view.

Michael Meyer, Executive Vice President at FERNBACH, gave an insight into predictive analytics with machine learning and presented the early warning system developed by FERNBACH based on machine learning. This does not require any portfolio criteria but considers each borrower individually and compares them with samples in the knowledge database. A decisive competitive edge for financial institutions in times of crisis. This was also confirmed by Dr. Yousef Padganeh, Head of Enterprise Risk at Commercial Bank International (CBI). CBI has been using the FERNBACH platform for IFRS, risk management and reporting for years and reported on the implementation of the IFRS 9 project in the bank.

If you would like to expand your knowledge of artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning, please contact us and get first-hand information.

Michael Meyer, Executive Vice President at FERNBACH, during his presentation.

Michael Meyer, FERNBACH