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Our company is looking for new members of staff to fill vacancies in several sectors. We need individuals who realise what can be achieved by technology, software and innovation and who readily embrace constant further development, new technologies, new processes and products. Continual change and a flexible environment characterise our way of working. Customer and market requirements are always fluctuating; a novel product today may be out of date by tomorrow.

For these reasons, we operate entirely on the basis of dynamic models at internal level and in accordance with our objective of creating a completely transparent framework. For example, an individual developer works with many development processes at the same time and engages in agile delivery processes that lay open all the activities involved for a customer. A high degree of flexibility combined with the desire to learn and develop are important requirements. This applies to all our positions, ranging from consulting, software development, testing, documentation, delivery to support services.

The result is that our company is open, mobile and transparent, which allows us to engage in an international network.

 We are looking for Cosmopolitans

Our latest development is an OLTP reporting tool set which is an automated realtime reporting solution, operating across any data sources with a data mart manager at its core. This software is based on current, standardised development technologies and process models.

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