Our company is looking for new members of staff to fill vacancies in several sectors.

We need individuals who realise what can be achieved by technology, software and innovation and who readily embrace constant further development, new technologies, new processes and products. Continual change and a flexible environment characterise our way of working. The routine tasks that people performed yesterday, are now completed today by new technologies which means that staff can now concentrate on what is essential.

For these reasons, we operate entirely on the basis of dynamic models at internal level in accordance with our objective of creating a completely transparent framework.

If you would like to balance your work and your leisure time, our concept of flexible working hours and the possibility of working from home allow you to plan your time between work and personal commitments.

We are constantly looking for committed individuals who have a considerable degree of enthusiasm, in-depth knowledge and good social skills.

We are hiring economists, computer scientists, mathematicians and HR experts for our offices in Luxembourg, Frankfurt, Vienna and Halle. Marketing professionals, bloggers and graphic designers are also welcome to join our team.

As a business economist for example, you can't draw boxes and arrows on blackboards and PowerPoint - those days are gone forever. Business administration and computer science are growing together. Database queries, Big Data and artificial intelligence provide the basis for quantitative analyses. But even when it comes to topics such as business organisation, corporate planning and business processes - what can still be done without software today?

Do you have a degree in business administration and the enthusiasm to work? We provide the computer science and what you then do exactly, we discuss best together, according to your skills and needs.

We are also looking for:

Please send us your application and we can discuss how we can fully use your potential.