Problem loans (NPL) are work and cost intensive

We can drastically reduce this work.


We engage in open discussions and you are always kept up to date with the latest developments in our transparent organisation.



Due to our many years’ domain as well as project experience, we will be able to implement your project successfully. 


We provide security of investment with the help of maintenance cycles that are tailored to your organisation.

Forward looking

Thanks to OpenApi, DevOps, containers and microservices, etc., we can offer you smart and cost-effective integration just where you need it.


We are a partner who puts your interests first and who supports you in the best possible way to ensure your success.

Our technologies

Designed for the new open digital banking age, our software results in lower infrastructure costs, quicker updates, lower provisioning, elastic scaling and active-active high-availability clustering. All was built using OpenApi and DevOps principles and engineered to be deployed in containers and microservices. The open APIs allow you to integrate quickly with a wide range of internal or external systems to help drive your product and service innovation.

Continuous Renewal

So what’s your modernisation strategy – a ‘big bang’ project to implement a new software package or do you keep on improving the systems already in operation?

We can recommend a third alternative. Our project method ‘Continuous Renewal’ reduces project risks and achieves success quicker with more focus on customers. We supply a provider-independent, state-of-the-art component system.

Jabatix: Open Banking
FlexFinance is also available as a fully customisable modular solution: Jabatix. Please click here for more information.
For a deep dive into our solution, please check out our online documentation.