Our solution is ready to go

Software configuration as easy as buying a car

The success of a project does not depend solely on great software quality. It is also necessary to use procedures and methods adapted to the software to ensure a successful implementation.

Over time it has almost become common practice for the majority of software vendors to provide their customers with bare toolkits containing only bits and pieces that tediously have to be adjusted to the individual needs using expensive resources – we, however, follow a completely different approach.

With us, customers configure their “own” ideal package from an extensive set of various components. In fact, this is quite similar to the way you nowadays buy a new car. We configure the system at our own premises and in our own cloud environment according to the customer’s wishes. A check of the solution is performed against the customer’s sample portfolio before the first delivery. Once all test runs are successfully completed, we deliver the configuration “ready to go”. We then start the integration work at the customer’s site.

The advantage is obvious: The customers receive exactly the desired packages they need – in time, in budget, and without any further risks and efforts on their part. The solution is ready for use from the first installation at the customer’s site.

Quick deployment without disruption of day-to-day business and a more efficient work process – take advantage of these benefits as well!

Software configuration as easy as buying a car