Our main topics at present

FlexFinance is a component-based solution that covers the whole process chain of lending operations.

Including loan applications, life cycle management, account management, financial accounting, bank management, IFRS accounting, regulatory reporting and process optimisation.  Blueprints that describe the various processes on the basis of standardised, individually deliverable components/services are available for each topic of the process chain.

Each subject area can be implemented as a standalone solution, in addition to the full coverage of the process chain.

The availability of alternative components/services allows individual solutions to be created.

The continuous renewal approach generates quick wins and reduces project risks.

This type of partial approach is by no means unusual for us. On the basis of our continuous renewal approach, we are able to support our customers, if requested, even in small tactical projects in order to modernise the existing system landscape at one point or another.

All applications at a glance

Please click on the topic in the loan life cycle to discover more about the functions.